About Pejuta Sota

Pejuta Sota by Lakota Made LLC

Herbal smokes are used by many different cultures as tobacco alternatives, ceremonial purposes, health, illness, spiritual medicine and lots more.  Our blends come from my teaching in Lakota Culture for herbal that are smoked, aka tobaccos.  

Long before Europeans came to turtle island Indigenous people lived as a apart of the eco-system, we respected plants as living spirits that had their own purpose in life that deserved respect and honor.  We harvested only what we were going to use, and helped the plants we harvested by sowing their seeds for future generations to use.  

Our common plant used in our smoke-ables blends is Mullein, rose petals, chamomile, hops, plantain, horehound, mugwort, blue vervain to name a few.  Each product comes with a product description that tells you the ingredients and what each plant does in that specific blend.

When you combine plants you change their purpose, so each plant has a description and intended usage.  

There is no actual tobacco plant used in our herbal smokes, there are no chemicals, no added flavors, dyes, perfumes etc.  

Our plants are sustainably harvested, and sustainably grown, there are no chemicals used in any part of making these products from growing, harvesting, processing. No by-products used or added.