About Pejuta Sota

Introducing Pejuta Sota by Lakota Made LLC – an offering steeped in the rich traditions of Lakota culture and holistic wellness.

Across diverse cultures, herbal blends have been revered for their ceremonial significance, health benefits, and spiritual resonance. Rooted in Lakota teachings and herbal wisdom, our blends embody a profound respect for the interconnectedness of all life forms.

Long before the arrival of European settlers, Indigenous peoples thrived in harmony with the land, viewing plants as sacred entities deserving of reverence. Our approach to harvesting reflects this ethos of reciprocity, with a commitment to sustainable practices that ensure the well-being of both plant and planet.

Central to our blends are botanical treasures like Mullein, rose petals, chamomile, hops, plantain, horehound, mugwort, and blue vervain. Each herb is thoughtfully selected for its unique properties, with detailed descriptions provided to illuminate its intended purpose within the blend.

Free from tobacco and synthetic additives, our products offer a pure, untainted experience. From cultivation to crafting, we uphold the highest standards of purity and sustainability, ensuring that every aspect of our process honors the integrity of nature.

Elevate your journey to wellness with Pejuta Sota – where tradition meets innovation, and the spirit of the land is honored in every leaf.