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Pejuta Sota

Abla Kela Šota - Calm (bag)

Abla Kela Šota - Calm (bag)

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Abla Kela Šota - Calm

33 gram bag

Ingredients: rose petals, chamomile, and mullein

The Calm blend is a beautifully fragrant, tobacco-free herbal blend for helping to calm the nerves, get restful sleep, and promote lung health.

Rose petals are known to produce a sense of inner peace, act as an aphrodisiac, and decrease depression. Rose petals are also known for their ability to assist people who are trying to quit smoking nicotine-filled cigarettes.  Rose petals have historically been used in fragrances, which act as an aphrodisiac or to enhance a person’s mood.

Chamomile when making a transition from the harmful effects of smoking tobacco. Because chamomile is a buffer to stress and anxiety, the more nutritive effects of smoking medicinal herbs may reduce tobacco cravings until the behavioral patterns of smoking are able to cease. If you struggle with anxiety or stress-related tension, chamomile may be helpful in promoting relaxation or sleep.

Mullein is revered as a highly medicinal herb that cleanses lung infections and inflammation. It's an expectorant, meaning that it helps in breaking up respiratory congestion and promotes productive coughing.

Not recommended for children, using while driving, and use caution when mixing with alcohol consumption.

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